Career Pathways



Career Pathways

Whether at the patient bedside, classroom, or board room, nurse educators are in high demand.

Academic settings

Demand is expected to stay strong for well-trained nurses regionally and nationally. Nurse educators are needed in academic settings to prepare students for careers as registered nurses.  An increasingly diverse student body and increasing reliance on technology tools a “new” academic nurse educator who can fluidly respond to these educational trends.

As a nurse educator, opportunities include part-time or full-time faculty member positions in community colleges, four-year colleges, and university settings, at all levels of nursing education.

Clinical settings

Waves of retirements, new products and practices and an unending stream of clinical practice information are a daily reality for today’s practicing nurses. As an increasingly vital role, the Nurse Educator will guide the continuous professional development of working nurses and other clinicians in hospital and clinic settings, as well as provide education to patients to ensure reduced re-admission rates, complications and enhance the overall patient experience.   With requirements changing, a master’s degree in the science of nursing will provide you with the qualifications, knowledge and skills to provide this education. 

Supporting your goals — to the highest level

Whether academia, patient education or staff development is your goal, St. Kate’s helps you bring the best evidence and contemporary teaching/learning practices to your desired or current setting.

At St. Catherine University, you can take your nursing education career to the highest level, and transition seamlessly from the Master of Science in Nursing: Nurse Educator program into the post-master's Doctor of Nursing Practice.

At St. Catherine University, taking your nursing education to the highest level is our mission. Support and guidance are available to help you make the transition. In addition, opportunities for unique financial assistance may be available to you through the Nursing Faculty Loan Program

To find our more about career opportunities for nurse educators or learn more about our program, we welcome you to join one of the Nurse Educator faculty members at our next information session.