CITI Research Compliance Education Information



CITI Research Compliance Education Information

What is CITI

CITI is a provider of online, peer-reviewed research integrity education.  St. Kate's assembles CITI modules to create courses--each serving a different purposes and audiences.  See current course offerings, below:

Human Subjects Research (IRB) - This course is required for any researcher engaged in human subjects research prior to receiving IRB approval.  There are two course tracks - biomedical investigators or social behavioral investigators and six required modules within each track.  Complete the six required modules. You only need to complete additional optional modules if they are required by the IRB or an individual department.

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) - This course is required for all faculty, staff and students engaged in research and paid through internal or external grants or contracts.  There are three course tracks - biomedical investigators; social behavioral investigators; or physical science investigators.  Complete the two required modules and two of the optional modules for a total of four required modules.

Financial Conflicts of Interest - This course is required for investigators applying for grants from the National Science Foundation (NSF) or Public Health Service Agencies, such as NIH. There are four required modules within this course and two optional modules.

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