Internal Grant Opportunities



Internal Grant Opportunities

St. Kate’s provides grant awards to advance research, scholarship and program improvement.

Academic Professional Development Committee (APDC) Grants

Faculty Research and Scholarly Activities Grants: Funds for faculty research and scholarship. 
Curriculum Development Grants:  Funds for course development or improvement.
Travel Awards:  Funds for faculty travel to advance scholarship.  

3M STEM Grants

Funds student-faculty collaborative research in STEM disciplines.
3M Small Grants:  Funds up to $2000.
3M Large Grants:  Funds up to $25,000 over two years.

Additional Awards

Funds up to $20,000 to promote excellence in teaching, research and community service.
Funds for the development and teaching of a study abroad course. You will need to log in to view this page.
Funds for development and teaching of a Global Search for Justice course.