Instructions for Accessing CITI



Instructions for Accessing CITI

CITI Registration and Module Access

1.)  Go to
2.)  New Users must register. Click on Register (under Create an Account). 
3.)  Complete Registration Steps below.

  • Select your Institution or organization: choose St. Catherine University from the dropdown
  • Enter your name.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Create you Username and Password: follow the provided instructions.
  • Security Question and Answer: follow the provided instructions.
  • Enter Gender, Ethnicity and Race information (required).
  • Enter CEU credits information (required).
  • Institution-specific questions (required).
  • After selecting your courses you are given the opportunity to enroll with another institution if needed. If your registration is complete, click on Finalize Registration.
  • Your learner account registration is now complete. You will receive an account validation email to the address provided in Step 3.  After validating your account through your email address you will be able to access the Main Menu of your account.

4.) Click on the course name to begin the course. If you need to change your courses, click on “Add a Course or Update Your Learner Groups”. Current Options include: Human Subjects Research, Responsible Conduct of   Research (RCR), Financial Conflicts of Interest, and Health Information Privacy and Security (HIPS). 
5.) You should be in the course/learner group you selected and have access to a list of required and optional modules. Begin the course by completing the “Integrity Assurance Statement.”
6.) Complete the required modules for certification of training in your selected course and learner group.
7.) Once the requirements have been completed for your selected course, a completion report will be generated for your records. Please save this report, as you may be responsible for providing it proof of completion. A completion notice will also be emailed directly to the St. Catherine CITI Administrator in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.

Note: Online modules do not need to be completed in one sitting.  Once you become a registered user with a login and password, you may login and “enter” your courses by clicking on them or add new courses and/or update learner groups.