Image Policy for the Web

Images on a web page can help tell a story, provide more information or trigger interest in reading more. Images can also confuse the user, cause content to appear outdated or provide misleading information.

Choosing an image to post on your St. Catherine University website isn’t as simple as picking out something you like and uploading it. We have a few important set standards that you, as web administrators, must pay attention to.

Choosing an image

Your image should help tell your story but not detract from your content. At this point, I want you to ask yourself if an image is necessary and if it helps tell the story, detracts or is neutral. Basically, be intentional about your choice of images. 

Image Source and Permissions

All images are not created equal and are not all allowed on the St. Catherine University website.

Approved Sources

  • St. Catherine University’s Flickr account
  • Library image collections: This includes the archives photo collection and a growing collection of images taken by Marketing and Communications and Photo Bureau)

Not Approved Sources

  • No clip art: We do not allow clip art to be used on the website.
  • No images from other sites or artists: By law we can only post images that we own.

If you have any questions about whether or not an image is allowed, please contact

Size and Placement

Size, placement and the resolution of the image are almost as important as the image you choose. Please follow the guidelines below:

  • Images should not exceed 400 pixels in either height or width.
  • Sizing should be completed in your photo/image editor of choice, not in the CMS. Resizing in the CMS will cause snafus and delays in the page loading.
  • Top image: 830 x 320 pixels – You can post an image of this size at the top of a page.
  • Resolution: 72 dpi.
  • Save as JPEG, GIF or PNG: Whichever gives you the highest quality image for the load time. (In general photos are Jpegs.)

Need help? Let us know.

Two ways to get help. Email us or drop in during our open office hours. Email us at (You can also email Kayla:

Open Office Hours

St. Paul: Thursdays, 3-4:30 p.m., Derham Hall 334 

Minneapolis: Two Thursdays a month
(Contact Lindsey to get exact dates, times and location.)