Academic Plan



Academic Plan

The St. Catherine PTA program is designed to be completed in 5-6 semesters. The first 1-2 semesters at the University you are considered a pre-PTA student and will be enrolled in required Liberal Arts & Sciences courses prior to beginning the two-year professional sequence of PTA courses.

Prior to beginning the professional sequence, BIOL 2400 General Anatomy and Physiology and PHIL 2040 Ethical Problems and Ethical Practice are required. During your professional coursework in the PTA program, which needs to be completed in four consecutive semesters, you may take PTA and Liberal Arts & Sciences courses concurrently.

To better prepare you to succeed in the PTA program there are two additional requirements.

  • You will be required to spend a minimum of eight hours observing in a physical therapy setting in order to have an understanding of the work and demands of being a physical therapist assistant. Document your clinical observation hours with this form.
  • The PTA program has identified the essential functions that PTA students must meet in order to successfully progress through the program. You will be provided with a document entitled¬†Description of Essential Elements of the Curriculum for PTA Students¬†that defines these elements. At the time of application to the Program the candidate is asked to sign indicating they have reviewed this document.

If you would like more information please attend one of our information sessions or contact Juanita Martinez in the Associate Degree Admissions office at (651)690-7802.

Physical Therapist Assistant Curriculum Guide

Curriculum Guide for those students entering the technical courses prior to Fall Semester of 2016.

Curriculum Guide for those students entering the technical courses beginning Fall Semester of 2016 and forward.