Vehicle Assistance



Vehicle Assistance

Public Safety provides assistance with vehicle unlocks, jump starts, and tire changing instructions to campus community members who own a valid St. Kate's parking permit.

If unlocks or jump starts fail, or for those without a valid St. Kate's parking permit, Public Safety staff will provide a campus community member with a phone number of a locksmith or local mechanic who can vehicle assistance at the vehicle owner's expense.

To request a vehicle assistance service, please contact the Public Safety dispatch center at 651.690.8888.

Vehicle Assistance Policy

  • Public Safety can only instruct you on how to change a flat tire. The tire can only be changed by the owner of the vehicle, or someone other than an officer.
  • Public Safety is not able to perform services off of the St. Paul campus property. 
  • A waiver of liability form must be signed by the individual requesting assistance prior to receiving service.