Use the information below to learn more about the protocol and resources available in the case of a weather emergency.

Severe Weather Procedure

St. Catherine University shall maintain a well-known and rehearsed policy and procedure for response to Severe Weather situations. All members of the campus community should be aware of and abide by the following procedure.

All members of the University community must be prepared to react to severe weather situations at all times in order to help provide safe and orderly assistance during severe weather emergencies.

It is the responsibility of Public Safety to implement and coordinate the procedure. This responsibility should not impede anyone from exercising individual caution during severe weather. It is advisable for departments to purchase a Weatheralert radio, or monitor commercial radio broadcasts on a battery-operated radio.

All employees of St. Catherine University will proceed according to the following instructions.

  • Security will monitor all Emergency Action Notifications broadcast by the National Weather Service.
    • The NWS will issue a tornado warning in the event of a tornado suggested by Doppler radar and/or confirmed by trained spotters on the ground. In this case, sirens will sound in the affected area.
    • Local communities may also activate sirens in the event of severe thunderstorms with damaging downburst or straight-line winds.
  • At the sound of the sirens, all members of the campus community should seek shelter in a pre-designated safe area. If you are not familiar with such an area in the building you are in, go to the lowest floor and into the interior of the building. An interior room or corridor with no windows is best. Stay away from areas such as auditoriums, gyms, etc. with a long roof span. A list of safe areas in campus buildings is listed below.
    • Do not remain in or go to any vehicle.
    • If caught outdoors, lie down in a ditch or low area and cover your head.
  • Security will call the Switchboard, Library, Residence Life, Minneapolis Campus Reception, Minneapolis Campus Library, and any on-duty building receptionists with all pertinent information.
  • The switchboard operator and security staff will monitor their phones and assist with emergencies. Telephones should be restricted to emergency use.
  • The switchboard operator will notify the offices of the President and Academic Affairs of the warning as soon as possible.
  • Residence Life will notify all Residence Hall Advisors. Residence Life staff will notify their residents to move to a designated safe area.
  • Instructors will move students to a safe area.
  • Close blinds, curtains, and/or draperies to minimize flying glass.
  • Close doors leading to corridors to prevent ‘wind tunnel' conditions should windows be shattered by the storm.

Security will repeat the notification process when the National Weather Service has issued an "All Clear". The campus community should remain in designated safe areas until notified.

Report damage to buildings and property to Security at 651.690.8888. If phones are down, go to the Security office in the Power House.

Severe Weather Shelter Areas

St. Paul Campus

  • Art Building — Basement corridor and restrooms or sub-basement
  • Butler Center — First floor locker rooms/rest rooms
  • Caecilian Hall — Basement laundry area
  • Chapel — Alumnae Center, meeting rooms 20 and 21
  • Couer De Catherine — Ground floor hallways on north side of building
  • Derham Hall — Basement corridor, office doors closed
  • Fontbonne Hall —  Katycombs area away from doorway and stairs
  • Frey Theater — Basement dressing room area
  • Jeanne d'Arc Auditorium — Sub-basement (J-level) of Whitby Hall
  • Library — Basement restrooms and corridor along west side
  • Mendel Hall — Basement corridor
  • Music Building — Basement rehearsal rooms and/or basement lounge
  • O'Shaughnessy — Basement dressing rooms and restrooms, first floor backstage corridor, restrooms, ticket offices, and under the stage
  • Power House — First floor conference room
  • Public Safety — Lower level interior room or corridor
  • St. Mary Hall — Basement hallway, lounge, storage room, rest rooms
  • Alberta & Georgia Apts. — First floor corridors, with apartment doors closed
  • Stanton & Crandall — First floor corridors and rest rooms
  • Whitby Hall — J-level (sub-basement) corridors and rest rooms

Minneapolis Campus

  • Education Building — Leave the eighth floor. On lower floors move to interior rooms with no windows.
  • Old Main — First floor corridors

Snow Emergency Information

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Severe Weather Closing

The decision to close will be done by the Vice President for Academic Affairs. That procedure is detailed in a memo issued each year.