Karen Herrera

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Karen Herrera


Year: Sophomore

Homewton: St. Paul, MN


Campus Activities:

Commuter Advisor, MIPS - Peer Mentor Program, I was a mentee!

On/Off Campus Job:

My only job is being a full-time student!

Most Embarrassing/Proudest Moment:

My proudest moment was opening my St. Kate's acceptance letter and my scholarship letter, I was so proud of myself!

Favorite St. Kate's Memory:

Being able to eat together with my TRW class.

Favorite Place to Hang Out on Campus:

Anywhere in the CDC- there is everything in there from tutors to computers, to the cafeteria and the pulse.

What I Like Best About Orientation:

The connections we make with one another and the fun we have while doing so.

My Piece of Advice for Students:

Get involved as much as you can, and just have fun with it. It's going to be okay!