Ikram Koliso

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Ikram Koliso


Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Resides in MN, but from Ethiopia


Campus Activities:

Katies Entreprenuerial Organization Events Coordinator, MPIRG alterante board member, MSA member

On/Off Campus Job:

On Campus: Commuter Advisor, Academic Advising office assistant, AMP peer advisee, study advocate

Most Embarrassing/Proudest Moment:

My proudest moment is having a successful first year of course. I joined a number of clubs and organizations, I was an active participant in all my class and I am a more confident person overall.

Favorite St. Kate's Memory:

Orientation would be my favorite St. Kate's memory. I met so many wonderful people and it was the start of a great adventure/journey. If I could relive those dew days, I totally would.

Favorite Place to Hang Out on Campus:

Commuter advisors office, Women's Center, Student Org and MIPS office

What I Like Best About Orientation:

The opportunity you get to meet new people, additionally all the activities

My Piece of Advice for Students:

Get connected early on, with faculty, staff as well as students. They are the ones that will add so much joy to your college experience.