Academic Clubs

Academic Clubs

This listing of clubs is a small selection of our chartered groups. This listing covers the groups that are directly related to an academic department(s) on campus.  

American Sign Language Social Club

The ASL Social Club provides an environment that challenges participants to become successful and comfortable with interactions using ASL.

Biology Club

Open to all students,the Biology Club is a group of students interested in biology and activities related to biology.

Chemistry Club

The Chemistry Club stimulates interest in Chemistry as a profession for SCU students, provides opportunities to speak with professionals in science and offers community outreach to public schools.

Communication Studies Club

This organization exists to unite, educate, and empower communications majors, minors, and those students still looking for that perfect fit.

Education Club

The club provides members with leadership opportunities, sharing and reflection of experiences related to education, and a chance to discuss educational trends and problems in light of education theory and practice.

English Club

This organization brings together students who wish to extend their interest in English beyond the classroom or may be interesting in pursuing a career in English or written communications. The English Club sponsors the annual Voldermort Defeat Day every spring!

Fashion Association

The Fashion Association provides members with opportunities to develop the qualities of leadership and cooperation through work within the department including planning and implementing the annual fashion show, Katwalk.

French Club

The French Club promotes an interest in speaking French, provides members the opportunity to practice sociability through means of the French languages and creates experiences for organized excursions and activities relating to the French language and French culture.

History Club

The purpose of the History Club is to provide an organization in which students at the University may gather to act upon, study and discuss common interest in history.

Honors Program Student Organization (HPSO)

HPSO offers students in the honors program the opportunity to attend honors seminars, work independently on major projects and get to know other students with similar interests and abilities.

Katies Entrepreneur Organization

The purpose of this organization is to help women change the world by envisioning, planning, and building successful business ventures. This club provides opportunities for all St. Kate's student to explore entrepreneurship as a career option.

Latin Club

Latin Club is a group that provides members the opportunity to explore and celebrate Latin.

Medical Interest Group (MIG)

MIG offers an opportunity to unite SCU students who are entering health care professions. They explore the foundation and current issues in health care to expand member' knowledge of the American medical system.

Nutrition, Exercise and Sport Science Club

The Nutrition, Exercise and Sport Science Club provides opportunities and experience to students interested in Exercise and Sport Science EXSS through speakers and extracurricular activities.

Physical Therapy Club (PT Club)

This organization works to inform the St. Kate's community about the field of physical therapy. The organization informs its members of the various disciplines in the field and the education/experience required for admission into a physical therapy program via discussion and guest speakers.

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club strives to facilitate a discussion surrounding current political topics. They promote awareness of political issues by sponsoring or co-sponsoring and attending events to broaden our personal political perspectives.

Pre-Law Club

This club provides an outlet for students interested in exploring the legal field, applying to law school, opportunities to learn from current attorneys and current laws/justice issues. This organization also supports the Mock Trial Team.

Public Health Club

The Public Health Club is for Public Health majors and others who are interested in public health issues. It provides opportunities for students to grow to be activists in the public health field. Students work to increase awareness and education of issues on campus.

Respiratory Care Club

The Respiratory Care Club strives to provide a supportive network of those associated with the Respiratory Care program. Not only will we further our education outside of the classroom, but we develop a dynamic set of professional and leadership skills through being actively involved in the community.

Social Work Club

The Social Work Club provides member with a network of professional, academic and social support within the profession and college community.

Spanish Club

The Spanish Club provides opportunities to facilitate growth of Spanish speaking abilities, expand knowledge of Spanish speaking countries and cultures, and get involved in Latin communities through activities and volunteering.

Student Nurses Association (SNA)

SNA promotes campus and community awareness of nursing students as further members of the health care team. SNA runs a blood drive each semester and hosts social events for nursing students.

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

SOTA provides informational, educational, social, representational and fundraising opportunities for current and prospective OSOT students.

Theater Club

Theater Club fosters community among students interested in theater, exposes students to theatrical culture beyond the collegiate level and furthers the theater skills of its members.

Theology Club

The Theology Club promotes education and dialogue among women of all faiths and backgrounds and promotes discussion of relevant questions and issues of faith, spirituality and religion in our world today.