Why St. Kate's



Why St. Kate's

At St. Catherine University, you will grow as a leader who engages with intention, acts with justice and serves with compassion.

Lead and influence

It's a tradition at St. Kate's, taking initiative and working together to achieve important goals. You'll learn how to step up, how to lead and influence. Along the way, you'll come to know your own mind and become a more insightful thinker, a better communicator and a more valuable contributor.

Look at alumna Jennifer Collins. The communications studies major created the first nonprofit real estate company in the United States to raise funds for schools through home sales. "This is the first time in my life when I thought, 'I can make a difference'" she says. "St. Kate's changed my life."

Learning together

An unusually strong spirit of collaboration energizes all we do. Students from varying background join forces on class projects. They study together and work closely with faculty members on research, publications, conferences and more. This free-flowing exchange of ideas, perspectives and life stories makes the learning here more interesting, dynamic and challenging — more vital to the world.

Rigorous and global​

St. Kate's is one of only two Catholic universities in Minnesota with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter. We also offer small, team-taught seminars — heavy on student-led discussion — as part of our Antonian Scholar Honors Program. High-achieving students who are accepted into the rigorous program also design a major piece of research or creative work for their senior honors project.

If you want to live and learn beyond the United States, St. Kate's has more than 150 study-abroad programs in over 50 countries. Jordyn Arndt went to Senegal and Morocco to brush up on some local languages; Stephanie Huppert studied climate change in Antartica; and Fulbright Scholar Alison Palacios explored music in China.

Active learning, unique experiences​

Our "Career Development" course lets you look at your interests and learn how possible majors intersect with careers — and you can earn a couple of credits while you're at it. Many academic departments also put students in touch with alumnae who are working in their field of interest or bring in outside speakers to share career experiences. Our graduates include judges, doctors, scientists, teachers, entrepreneurs, actors, authors and the creator of sour-cream-and-onion-flavored potato chips.

Open and rich mind​s

Our social and co-curricular activities are as diverse as our student body. We have a dance team, a rowing club, a Medical Interest Group, the Katies' Entrepreneur Organization, a Volunteers in Action group and Amnesty International among our more than 60 student groups. You can't help but join in — or want to do more for yourself and for others. At St. Kate's, you gain respect for your convictions and intellect, and you learn to take action that supports your belief.