Professor speaks with two students

¡Bienvenidos! Want to deepen your knowledge of Spanish? Or discover a new world of opportunities? At St. Kate's, you'll develop effective linguistic and cultural communication skills in a supportive Spanish-speaking environment. Our courses develop and maintain Spanish proficiency, and will heighten your awareness of the customs and traditions rooted in Spanish-speaking culture.

Hone your skills

St. Kate's Spanish majors are a close-knit group who study together and frequently collaborate on projects, both in and out of the classroom. The Spanish department organizes regular Spanish language conversation tables, an opportunity to speak in Spanish about current events, books and films. St. Kate's alumnae join students in these discussion groups.

Language assistants

Our department assistants are always natives of Spain or Latin America — so you're exposed to the regional differences in pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. They offer a walk-in tutorial hour several evenings a week and plan supplemental practice activities throughout the semester.

"I just arrived from Spain last semester, and I love working at St. Kate's," says language assistant Lucia Abolafia. "The students are very motivated."

Community learning

Service-learning opportunities reinforce classroom learning at St. Kate's. In the course "Visions of the Hispanic World: Reading to Speak and Write," students translate documents related to community programs for various nonprofits, including the YWCA of St. Paul.

In the "Senior Seminar" class, students have worked with local organizations to teach Spanish to children, research health disparities in Hispanic communities and develop bilingual resources for a women's shelter.

Study abroad opportunities

Faculty members periodically lead intensive language programs in Mexico and Spain. St. Kate's Global Studies office provides access to more than 150 study abroad programs — summer, January term, semester and year long — in 50 countries, such as Buenos Aires, Chile, Dominican Republic, Peru and Spain.

Teaching licensure

If you're interested in teaching Spanish at the K-12 level, visit St. Kate's education department or consult with your faculty advisor about licensure requirements. This path includes a teaching practicum at a local school.