Refunds of Excess Financial Aid

Refunds of Excess Financial Aid

Refunds of Excess Financial Aid

Excess financial aid refunds are processed beginning 14 days after disbursement. Initial disbursement from the Financial Aid Office is usually completed on the first day of classes and continues throughout the semester. All refunds must be processed electronically by setting up an E-Refund account in KatePay. If a student account is paid with a credit card, any refund will first be applied to the original credit card payment.  Any Financial Aid posted after the account has been paid by a credit card will be refunded back to the credit card before any money is refunded to the student.  There will be no exceptions to this policy.

Students are encouraged to monitor their KatePay account online to verify a refund has been issued. If an Electronic Refund has been processed, the balance on your account will be zero and your recent activity will indicate, “Electronic Student Refund."

Student Withdrawal

If a student withdraws from school, makes changes to their registration and/or room and board after receiving a refund, the student may be required to repay all or a portion of the refund amount back to St. Kate's. Repayment should be made immediately.

Title IV Funds

  • If you have not submitted a Title IV Authorization form, you may be receiving a refund and still have a balance due on your student account.
  • If you have filled out the Title IV Authorization form and selected "Do Not Authorize," you may receive a refund and still have a balance due on your student account.
  • If you are on a payment plan, you may receive a refund because we cannot use current academic year Title IV financial aid funds to pay prior academic years charges. The refund should be used to pay your payment plan balance.
  • If you have a past due balance from a previous academic year, your current academic year financial aid Title IV funds must be issued to you as a refund. The refund should be used to pay your past due balance.
  • Non-Title IV funds, such as St. Catherine grant funds may be used by the Office of Student Accounts to pay prior term and prior academic charges.


Electronic refunds are fast and secure. There's no waiting in line, no trips to the bank, no waiting for the check to clear, or no paper waste. Checking or savings account information can be entered in KatePay with the account designated to receive refunds.

To sign up for e-refunds:

  • Sign onto KatePay
  • Click on E-Refunds
  • Click on Set up Account
  • Enter your checking or savings information
  • Scroll down
  • Click on Continue
  • Click on I Agree
  • Scroll down
  • Click Continue

A screen should come up that says "Your new ACH payment method has been saved"

Your refund will be electronically deposited into your bank account on the same day that the refund would normally be processed. Refunds are processed weekly on Fridays.  If a check does have to be printed and it is lost or not cashed there will be a $35 stop payment fee assessed to your student account.