Last Year's Information



Last Year's Information

***Please note: Aetna Student Health had sent out insurance cards to all students (including the ones that had waived out). If you received a card but have already waived out, please verify on your student account that you have received the spring waiver credit. If the spring waiver credit has been applied to your account you can discard the insurance cards. Contact Aimee Brunn at 651.690.6714 if you have any questions.***

St. Catherine University cares for student's health and provides health insurance options for:

Day, Associate, and Certificate students (2014-2015)

St. Catherine University requires that all degree-seeking students enrolled in the St. Paul Day Baccalaureate and Minneapolis Associate and Certificate programs be covered by health insurance.

Every student is automatically enrolled in Aetna student insurance and the premium ($944 per semester) is automatically posted to the student’s account.

Friday, February 20, 2015 Waiver Deadline

St. Paul Undergraduate Day and Minneapolis Associate Degree students who are new to the university beginning Spring Semester 2015 may be eligible to waive participation in the university health insurance plan. In order to receive a credit on their student account statement, students who already have health insurance must waive the University-provided student insurance plan by Friday, February 20, 2015.

Students that registered for Fall 2014 classes who did not waive in the fall are no longer eligible to waive for Spring Semester 2015. Those that waived the University-provided student insurance plan in the Fall 2014 semester do not need to waive it a second time.

Plan costs

  • Student: $1,888 ($944 per semester)
  • Dependents (ea.): $2,642 ($1,321 per semester)
  • Spouse: $3,476 ($1,738 per semester)


Evening/Weekend/Online and Grad students (2014-2015)

St. Catherine University is pleased to offer to all Evening/Weekend/Online Program and Graduate students a voluntary Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan through Aetna.

You must enroll to receive this benefit.

Plan costs

  • Student: $2,790 ($1,395 per semester)
  • Dependents (ea.): $3,921 ($1,960 per semester)
  • Spouse: $5,173 ($2,586 per semester)


Note: must enroll self to enroll dependents.