User Dashboards

User Dashboards

Everyone who has editing permissions in the system has a User Dashboard, which is a starting page for completing tasks in the system.

There are two different dashboards: Administrative, Web admin


The administrative dashboard is set up in two columns. On the left, the information is as follows:

How-to Manuals (documentation, which you are reading now)
Who's online: shows what users are currently logged into the system at the given time
Who's new: shows the most recent users who have been added to the site, including anyone that authenticates to view pages in the system
Recent content: Most recent pages arranged from newest to oldest. Allows you to edit or delete pages from here, or you can view the actual pages.
Information in the main area is as follows:

All Sites: list of all sites/groups within the system
Items that Need Review:

Global Webadmin

The global web admin dashboard includes a list of all sites on the right side of the page so they can jump into any site needing editing. The left side will display documentation for completing tasks in the system.

Web Admin

The web admin dashboard is made up of just one column that shows the sites available to that particular user. They can click on one of the sites to reach the site dashboard. Eventually, this page should also hold web admin documentation on the left, similar to the global web admin dashboard.