What Can We Learn from Self Doubt?



What Can We Learn from Self Doubt?

Planting the seed of observing some of  our colleagues' classes both within and outside our disciplines . . .


By Nicola Winstanley

"I would like to be able say of my teaching: this is clearly good; this is clearly not good. I would like to be able to think: I always do things right. I would like to be certain.

I would like to watch exemplary teachers and think: I do that! That's me! I know exactly what I'm doing! Look how great this class is—mine is just as engaging.

Certainty is comfortable, after all—a soft cushion to sink into and relax.

But I don't think those things. Instead observation magnifies my self-doubt, self-questioning, constant anxiety. Is this right? Is this good enough? The feeling I get in my stomach immediately after the intense transaction of the class itself is over: I'm not sure."


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