2012 Denny Prize for Distinction in Writing Recipient



2012 Denny Prize for Distinction in Writing Recipient

Lucas Pingel, Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts and Sciences



Lucas Pingel

To speak of our constellated histories
would require our eyes transform,
tinted to the spectrum.

The sky complicates itself through snowfall, knots
in our shoulders, the heavy weight of time seizing

us away from this moment or any other.

A sealed envelope
recycled unbroken.

We too are tucked and folded somewhere

in there, along with a bad check
made out to the devil.
What energy spent this morning
shutting it all down,

the entrances, the fountains, the intellectual
property generally guarded with grenades.


Lucas Pingel

I bullet a drop of sweat your way,
a memento of better feasts. Night-time

swallows us into ourselves, where we
catch fleeting moments of the us ten years

ago, doing things not much different,
but with better hairstyles. Day moves

away. The edge of another world we house
in our bellies, hastily built, but in this fair

climate will suffice. We eat our best
sanctuary accidentally. Yes, it’s okay.

It’s fun to rebuild. I imagine you working
ahead without me, steering the clouds

away from the whales, and I want you
to want my help, though I’m woefully

inexperienced in the art of shipwreckery.
Do other people talk like this? Have they

already found their valuables shoreside waiting
next to them as they dream about the things

they already know how to do? Certainly:
I’d take your camera any day. You throw your

pole into a fish and pull out a pond. That’s nothing
to cough at, though it does smell funny.