Welcome to Fall 2013



Welcome to Fall 2013

photo_pamela_fletcher_200px.jpgEach year, I look forward to a fresh start, getting acquainted with new folks and rekindling our community. Fall semester summons imaginative, thought-provoking courses; progressive projects; and, forward-leading directions. 

This September, the Writing Intensive Program (WIP) is taking a new direction by starting the WIP Network to build and expand St. Kate’s writing community. Supporting and featuring the literary work of our faculty, staff, and students is key in reinforcing the Network’s foundation. Therefore, the WIP website is pleased to highlight this work. The St. Kate's Writer's page features writing from Luke Pingel’s collection of poems, Flurries.  Pingel is the recipient of the 2012 Denny Prize in Creative Writing and Assistant Professor of English in the Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences.  Additionally, you find Tiffany Castor’s dynamic poem, “citywalker,” which first appeared in Ariston 2013.

Moreover, our new direction includes publishing blog posts of Writing Intensive (WI) instructors. Allison Adrian, a recipient of the 2013 Faculty Teaching and Advising Award, and Assistant Professor of Music, writes the first post. It’s a noteworthy piece, challenging her fellow WI instructors to give their students room to be themselves in their papers.  She contends that allowing students such freedom yields excellence. I anticipate that Prof. Adrian’s piece will stir our minds and provoke a spirited discussion about excellence.

Enjoy the rich bounty of words and a lovely season!

Pamela R. Fletcher
University Director, Writing Intensive Program (WIP)