Academic 411 AND EAS



Academic 411 AND EAS

Academic 411

What is Academic 411?

Academic 411 is an electronic document sent to a student by a faculty member who has concerns about the student’s academic performance (missing class regularly, tardiness, academic difficulty, not doing assignments, etc.). In addition to indicating the academic concern, faculty can also check off suggested actions that the student should follow (contact faculty member, contact Academic Advising, withdraw from the class, etc.)

Access the form

  • Access the electronic form from your summary class list in KateWay from the Faculty tab.
  • Locate the student that you are concerned about on your class list.
  • In the last column opposite her name is an icon showing a faculty member and a blackboard.
  • Click on the icon and the form will open.
  • The form is automatically populated with the student’s ID, email, and relevant class information.
  • The form can be used multiple times for any student in each class for each term.
  • The student and you each receive an electronic copy.
  • Additionally, a copy is sent to Academic Advising where a staff member monitors students with multiple academic issues and follows up with those students if appropriate.

Why was Academic 411 created?

The primary reason is to hold students accountable for their academic performance. It also provides a record of a faculty member’s documented concern about a student.


Academic 411 is available throughout the entire term. You have great flexibility about when you can send an alert.

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Early Alert System (EAS)

The purpose of EAS is to provide support for faculty and staff in responding to student behavior and issues. The Early Alert form is utilized jointly by the Offices of Student Affairs and Academic Affairs to help resolve an array of student issues and challenges. The goal is to improve the coordination and communication efforts across campus when working with students in distress in order to ensure timely support and proper referral to resources both on and off campus.

The Guidelines for Faculty and Staff Response to Student Issues serves as quick reference guide for student behavioral issues faculty or staff may encounter. It includes a list of possible problems and outlines a strategy and appropriate referrals for the handling of each. If you are seeing behavioral concerns, we are hoping that in addition to submitting an Early Alert on the student that you will utilize this resource as necessary to minimize any further concerns.