Academic Resources



Academic Resources

Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP)

The Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP) seeks to employ motivated students of all backgrounds to work collaboratively with faculty and staff educators. Goals include providing challenging, relatively well paid assistantships for students, making these opportunities available to a wide range of students, building a scholarly community, linking curricular and co-curricular leadership, raising the profile of academic leadership positions for students, engaging mentors from a variety of fields, and helping students widen their horizons regarding career possibilities.  Learn more

Career Development

Career Development guides students through a process of self-discovery and affirmation that assists students in identifying and articulating the value and application of a liberal arts and professional education. Career counselors can help assess personal skills and values, explore major and career options and sharpen job hunting skills and strategies. Career Development programs and services are available free of charge to current St. Kate's students and St. Kate's graduates for two years following graduation. Learn more

Community Work and Learning

The Center for Community Work and Learning on the St. Paul Campus strives to bridge the gap between the curriculum and the community. The hands-on experiences gained through engaging in community work encourage students to become independent, effective leaders dedicated to serving the needs of the community. The Center also provides services to support faculty who teach courses that incorporate service learning components. 

Resources for Students with Disabilities

St. Catherine University complies with all applicable laws and regulations prohibiting discrimination in University programs for students. Each campus has a direct access point for resourses for students with disabilities to ensure that all qualified students have equal access to academic and extra-curricular programming. Should students seek accommodations, they must present the faculty member with a letter from the appropriate campus office. 

Accommodations for students with disabilities include:

  • Physical/mobility disabilities
  • Chronic or acute medical conditions
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Deaf/hard of hearing
  • Blind/low vision
  • Learning disabilities
  • Psychiatric disabilities
  • Attention deficit

Current Faculty, Staff and Students access

Global Studies Office

The Office of Global Studies provides and supports opportunities for members of the University community to encounter, learn from and appreciate new cultures, communities and environments throughout the world. They provide and support high quality academic experiential off-campus learning opportunities, support faculty, staff and departments in the development of study abroad courses and programs as an integral part of the University curriculum, advise, mentor, and support students through their off-campus program experiences, support on-campus initiatives to lead the St. Kate's community toward a global perspective, and provide friendly, efficient and personal service with cultural sensitivity. 

Information Technology (IT)

The McGlynn Computer and Technology Center delivers all information technology services at St. Kate’s

  • St. Kate's Help Desk — Your one-stop shop for help with computers, software and/or network access. The Help Desk provides students, faculty and staff with a single point of contact for technology questions, requests and troubleshooting. All issues reported are tracked and handled either by the Help Desk staff on duty or referred to a support person who has expertise in a specific computing area. Walk-in locations:
    • St. Paul campus: Library 120 (Coeur de Catherine)
    • Minneapolis campus: Old Main 444
  • Academic Technologies — Helping faculty using technology in their classrooms.
  • Enterprise Computing Services — Ensuring all technology systems across campus are robust, secure and meet the needs of the campus community.

Library - Libraries, Media Services & Archives

Through a rich blend of research and scholarly materials and innovative services and technology, the library supports academic excellence for our students and faculty around the world. 

Learning Centers for academic excellence

The O'Neill Center for Academic Development (St. Paul Campus) addresses the diverse academic needs and interests of students on the St. Paul campus. The staff offers programs, services and facilities designed to promote academic achievement through three centers:

  • Writing/Reading Center - offering one-on-one assistance with papers during any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to the final touches.
  • Math/Science Center - offering one-on-one or small group assistance in math, chemistry, biology and physics.
  • Resources for Disabilities Center - ensuring all qualified students have equal access to academic and extra-curricular programming.

The Academic Enhancement Center (Minneapolis Campus) provides academic support services to students on the Minneapolis campus. These services include:

  • Content area tutoring for most undergraduate courses offered on the Minneapolis campus
  • A Writing Lab providing peer learning assistance and professional staff assistance for undergraduate and graduate students who wish to improve any aspect of their writing skills
  • An ESL Lab providing peer learning assistance and professional staff assistance to bilingual and multilingual students in the areas of writing, reading, and oral communication
  • The Testing Center, which conducts placement testing; provides extended time testing for bilingual and multilingual students; and provides extended time and/or reduced distraction testing for students with disabilities
  • Services for students with disabilities, including accommodation plans; assistive technology; and supportive consultation

St. Catherine University National Testing and Recertification Center

The National Testing and Recertification Center proctors academic and professional examinations for individuals enrolled in distance education courses at colleges and universities throughout the world. In addition, students accepted at colleges and universities other than St. Catherine may take their placement exams in the Center. The Center also proctors a wide range of professional licensure and certification exams.