Campus Resources



Campus Resources

Academic 411 and the Early Alert System

Academic 411 is a system created to hold students accountable for their academic performance. It is an electronic document sent to a student by a faculty member who has concerns about the student's academic performance. The Early Alert System (EAS) is a system to provide support for faculty and staff in responding to student behavior and issues. Learn more

Referral and Resource Guide

A referral guide containing information on campus resources for faculty and staff advising students. 

2013-14 Guide (login required)

Student/Professor Interaction

Access information about student/professor interaction regarding availability to students outside of the classroom, the boundaries between student and professor, letters of recommendation, and non-academic disciplinary documents. Learn more

Responding to Student Issues

Log in to learn more about how to deal with a variety of student issues including:

Student Redress System

The student redress system is an avenue for students to question or challenge a policy or procedure, a grade, or general treatment by any member of the University community. Students are encouraged to discuss grievances directly with the person(s) involved and/or that person(s) supervisor, where applicable. If the complaint remains unresolved, students should direct concerns to the appropriate Dean, Vice President or the Office of Student Affairs. View the Student Redress System

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