Academic Integrity



Academic Integrity


KateWay is the name of the University’s portal. Inside KateWay you'll find private content as well as confidential faculty, student and staff data. The faculty tab provides faculty access to their class and advisee lists, attendance tracking as well as grade assignment.   Learn more

Academic Integrity — Plagiarism Resources

At St. Catherine University, plagiarism is defined in Leguide as a Code of Conduct Violation which may result in a failing grade for the paper or course involved. Learn more

Guidelines for Faculty & Staff Response to Student Issues

Guidelines from the offices of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs.  Learn more

Course Evaluation

At St. Catherine University faculty evaluation emanates from the mission and vision of the college. The purpose of evaluation is to recognize faculty accomplishments and encourage continued faculty growth and development while enhancing and advancing the institution as a whole. There are two primary forms of evaluation at St. Kate's; course and performance evaluation.

  • Course Evaluation: Part of faculty evaluation requires that every faculty member be evaluated formally by students using a department or University wide form at the end of every course. 
  • Performance Evaluation: As a comprehensive institution, St. Kate’s has created a process that is appropriately broad to honor the diverse work and training of the faculty. 

Media/Technology Resources

St. Catherine University provides a myriad of technological and media resources for successful classroom presentations. These include media resources on both campuses as well as document services. Learn more

Academic Resources

There are a multitude of academic resources at St. Kate's including Global Studies, Learning Centers, Community Working and Learning, the Library as well as services for students with disabilities. Get more details

Grades and Attendance

There are specific instructions and policies regarding grades and attendance at St. Catherine University. More details