Faculty Course Preparation



Faculty Course Preparation

Course Prep

Some helpful resources for course preparation

The Bookstore

The bookstore on both campuses allow for faculty members to adopt course materials for their upcoming course(s). Adopting course materials applies to textbook order information as well as course pack materials. For more information, contact the bookstore.

Minneapolis Book Store

Use the online submission form to adopt textbooks for your courses.
For the Minneapolis Book Store Hours visit their website
Phone: 651.690.7766
Email: bookstore@stkate.edu

St. Paul Book Store

Use the online submission form to adopt textbooks for your courses.
For the St. Paul Book Store Hours visit their website
Phone: 651.690.6025
Email: bookstore@stkate.edu

Course Materials on Reserve in the Library

Faculty may place materials on reserve for students to use or view, either in the library, or in many cases, electronically via the library’s web site. Most items are placed on course reserve for one semester, and are returned to the collection or to the instructor at the end of the term. Allow at least three days for reserve items to be processed.

Books, book chapters, copies of journal articles and media materials may also be placed on course reserve. They are shelved behind the Library circulation desk, and are commonly checked out for two to three hours at a time. Often articles and book chapters can be scanned and made available electronically to students on and off campus. Photocopies will be scanned exactly as submitted and uploaded to the CLICnet reserves system. U.S. Copyright laws are followed.

  • To place items on reserve for your course please fill out the appropriate reserve forms. If the item(s) is from your own materials, please deliver to the library staff a high quality copy of the item(s).
  • Items in the Media Services Collection or your own videotapes and DVDs may be placed on reserve in the libraries' circulation areas. For digital classes, streaming may be available.
  • Contacts:
    • St. Paul Reserves: Barbara Klug, baklug@stkate.edu
    • Minneapolis Reserves: Sue Gray, sagray@stkate.edu
    • St. Paul Media Resources: Ann Piotrowski 651.690.6658
    • Minneapolis Media Resources: Ron Carlson 651.690.7792