Grades and Attendance



Grades and Attendance


Incomplete Grades

  • Students may request a grade of incomplete. Requests must be made before the end of the term using the online Petition for Incomplete Grade form. You have the authority to grant or deny the student's request, as long as you follow University policy (and printed in the University's catalogs). Community members can access additional information in the Academic Catalog.

Faculty Grade Changes

  • Students seeking grade changes as a result of extraordinary circumstances (i.e. circumstances that could not reasonably have been avoided) must abide by the Student Academic Grievance Procedure Grade Appeal Process and must meet all deadlines. For students, this form can be obtained by contacting For faculty, the form is posted in Kateway on the Faculty Life page under Registrar Online Forms for Faculty.
    • Once in KateWay, click on the Faculty tab
    • Click on the drop-down box under Forms and select the Request to Change Grade form
    • Fill out the form
    • Click on the Submit button
    • NOTE: You are responsible for reading and following the University’s Grade Change Policy, found in this Guide and the University’s catalogs

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grading Options

  • Students submit their request for S/U grading to the Registrar online. The Office of the Registrar grants the request if it does not violate University policy.
  • As a faculty member, you will not know if a student has elected S/U grading. If the student’s request for S/U grading was approved, the grade will be automatically converted to S or U after you enter the letter grade. For undergraduate courses, work meriting a letter grade of C- or better is recorded as S (Satisfactory). For graduate courses, work meriting a letter grade of B- or better is recorded as S (Satisfactory). A final grade below C- (B- for graduate courses) is recorded as U (Unsatisfactory). S and U grades do not affect the grade point average.
  • The S/U grading policy can be found here.

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  • St. Kate’s has an official attendance policy. The attendance policy is printed in the Academic Information section of the online catalogs.
  • Find all policies in the academic catalogs using the links on the faculty tab inside KateWay.
  • Individual faculty members may develop more stringent policies than the University’s. If you do, be very specific in your course syllabi. Include your attendance policy as well as the specific consequences that will result if a student does not adhere to the policy. Contact your department chair for guidance if needed.

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