Resources to Get Involved



Resources to Get Involved

Campus Ministry

St. Catherine University offers students, faculty and staff of all religious traditions to share in creating a community of faith that engages in social justice. Through Campus Ministry, you’ll find the support, inspiration and opportunities you need to explore your faith and spirituality, build a community of friends and seek justice. Campus Ministry promotes a common search for wisdom and the integration of academics and faith in daily life.

The Arts

  • The O’Shaughnessy Auditorium – Located on the scenic main campus of St. Catherine University in St. Paul, The O'Shaughnessy Auditorium is one of the Twin Cities' premiere venues for showcasing the arts. St. Kate’s faculty, staff and students receive a discount when purchasing tickets.
  • The Catherine Murphy Gallery – The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery exists as an integral part of the education of St. Catherine University students, as curator of the St. Catherine University Fine Art Collection, and as a women-centered presence in the local and regional Arts community. The Catherine G. Murphy Gallery showcases contemporary as well as historical work, illuminating global and emerging issues grounded in women’s perspectives.
  • St. Catherine Choral Society – The St. Catherine Choral Society is a community masterworks chorus comprising the voices of students, faculty, staff and community adults. Founded in 1993, the choir provides opportunities for adult singers, as well as the students, to participate in high quality performances of choral masterworks.

Multicultural and International Programs and Services (MIPS)

St. Catherine University is committed to addressing all forms of oppression. Through the Office of Multicultural and International Programs and Services (MIPS) we work to create a safe space where people of all races can learn about the impact of racism on our community and society. MIPS inspires and stimulate students, community members and local organizations to build relationships across differences. MIPS programming includes:

  • Speakers, forums, trainings, and events throughout the year. Offerings such as the Minority Reporter, Llewellen Smith of Vital Pictures and Heartwork: continuing the racial dialogue create spaces for dialogue and education on systemic oppression.
  • Opening the door for women of color through programs like First Step Summer Institute and Step-by-Step Institute, which address the needs of women of color considering a university education
  • A wide array of programs and services for students of color and international students

Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women

The Abigail Quigley McCarthy Center for Women’s Research, Resources, and Scholarship at St. Catherine University works to build a community of faculty and student scholars and activists working on issues of race, class, gender, and other differences; gather and share resources relating to these issues; and highlight the leadership and work of women at the University and in various communities for women’s justice and equality. Throughout its history, the Center has been a catalyst and supporter of many projects and programs that address women’s issues, from the building of a strong Women’s Studies program to a student-directed campaign to address the concerns of student parents. The Center’s commitment to open, honest dialog about tough issues and a belief in the necessity of work for justice form the backbone of the work they do.