Syllabi Guidelines and Resources



Syllabi Guidelines and Resources

Syllabi Guidelines

Syllabi will differ from discipline to discipline and should carefully adhere to department/ program guidelines. However, every syllabus must contain certain elements. The University has developed a syllabus template for University wide consistency.

Post your syllabus on Kateway two to three weeks before class starts. At a minimum, the following information should be included in all syllabi (see template):

  • Course number and title
  • Course credits and contact hours
  • Course requisites, if applicable
  • Course description
  • Academic term and days/time (if known) that the course will be offered
  • Instructor name and contact information; use St. Kate email for all University business
  • Office hours and by appointment
  • Required texts, including software, course packs, and supplies (as appropriate)
  • Overview of course content
  • Description of course format and primary teaching/learning methods (e.g., lecture, class or group discussions, laboratory exercises, independent or group projects, written or oral presentations, skill demonstrations)
  • Course goals, including behavioral objectives for students (e.g., “By successfully completing this course, the student will be able to ...”)
  • Descriptions of assessments (e.g., types of exams [objective or essay], detailed guidelines for written, oral or performance assignments)
  • Statement of grading policy and options. Criteria for letter grades (using only those grades recognized by the University)
  • Statement of attendance policy, including degree to which attendance will affect grade
  • Statement regarding disabilities resources and requests for accommodations
  • Academic integrity
  • Week by week course schedule

Syllabi Resources

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