Catholic Identity



Chapel Interior. Photo by Andrea Rugg.

Catholic Identity

Throughout the history of St. Catherine University, founded by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, we have been dedicated as a campus community to our Roman Catholic heritage and identity. The influence, tradition, and mission of the Sisters is reflected in St. Catherine's commitment to social justice — a primary expression of its Catholic identity — and pledge to provide quality educational programs that promote educational development and success, especially for women.

From the Church’s intellectual tradition, which has equated the search for truth with true liberation, we value an open atmosphere of critical inquiry, cross-cultural studies and interdisciplinary teaching.

From its social tradition, with its consistent commitment to the poor and outcast, we value and reach out to those marginalized by our society and churches, and in particular, we seek to promote women’s leadership.

From its sacramental tradition, which has emphasized ritual, symbol and the use of material things as signs of grace, we value the integration of the material and spiritual, and the use of creative rituals for prayer and celebration.

From the tradition that has stressed both communal participation and the worth of the individual, we value dialogue, respect for diversity and the nurturing of personal conscience.

From the call of Jesus himself, that all should be one (John 17:21), we value ecumenism and collaboration among all faiths.

Drawing on those traditions, we seek to promote, through our student services, campus ministry, administration, faculty and staff, a common search for wisdom and the integration of our daily lives and work with our spirituality.

From segments of the core courses, The Reflective Woman and Global Search for justice, to internships in businesses, schools, hospitals, and social agencies, students learn to reflect on personal experience and values; to analyze issues and problems in light of those values; and to choose action that reflects their convictions.