Mission within Campus Life



Students walking on campus.

Mission within Campus Life


St. Catherine University provides many opportunities for students to experience the application of liberal arts learning through co-curricular activities of a cultural, aesthetic, and recreational nature, and through a lively and diverse array of campus organizations. The opportunity to use one's education in social and political activism, in exploring one's aesthetic tastes through concerts and exhibits, and in engaging with the community through service learning, gives substance to the abstractions of philosophy, literature, and the arts.

The athletic program offers students ways to balance the development of individual skill and discipline with the important learning that comes from participating on a team and developing an effective balance of competition and cooperation in pursuing common goals. The program's premise is that its inherent goals express, complement, and reinforce the values expressed in the institutional mission.

Such co-curricular activities offer meaningful and diverse ways to reinforce the deep commitment to the liberal arts implicit in St. Catherine's tripartite mission.