Academic Program Directors and Department Chairs (CHADs)

The following role description applies to those who report to an Academic Dean as the individual responsible for the Department or Program administration and leadership. There are some departments that have a Chair or Associate Dean as well as Program Directors. In such situations, this role description pertains specifically to the Chair/Associate Dean.

Faculty Leadership

  • Demonstrates commitment to the mission of the University
  • Models the qualities of a leader as defined by the St. Catherine University leadership statement
  • Encourages and provides opportunities for faculty to strengthen skills in curriculum development, instruction, evaluation, and scholarship
  • Serves on University committees
  • Represents the University/department to external groups
  • Provides orientation and mentoring to new faculty
  • Demonstrates active stewardship in promoting the fiscal and overall well being of the University

Department Management

Program and Curriculum Development

  • Establishes, monitors and oversees revision of:
    • long and short range goals of department/program
    • the curriculum
    • course descriptions
    • policies and procedures used to evaluate student performance
    • processes of assessment and program evaluation in collaboration with the University assessment committee
    • statements of the outcomes of instruction
  • Coordinates accreditation review processes (Health and Professional Programs)
  • Assures Department participation with commencement and student registration events, including summer registration

Student Welfare

  • Insures that the program/department responds to students' instructional needs
  • Meets with students to address specific academic concerns and, when necessary, refers them to appropriate other institutional offices and services
  • Participates in activities related to student recruitment and orientation activities
  • Actively supports the student advising system

Professional Development

  • Confers with the dean to establish and review annual goals for performance and professional development
  • Participates in professional organizations and activities
  • Engages in scholarly activity

Cooperation with Other Offices

  • Communicates program needs to and works cooperatively with appropriate institutional departments and services
  • Cooperates with Development in seeking external funding to support departmental/University initiatives
  • Collaborates with directors of other academic programs on instructional and operational matters
  • Actively supports activities of Alumnae Relations to maintain positive relationships with alumnae

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