Under the St. Catherine University Constitution and Bylaws, the majority of faculty work is carried out under the auspices of three elected, University-level faculty committees. These three committees are designed to give clearer and more coordinated University-wide voice and decision-making power to the faculty in those areas that fall under their purview.

These committees reflect primary areas of faculty responsibility:

The governance system is designed to give clearer representation to schools and colleges, reflecting the new Academic Affairs structure. Faculty representation on UFAC is proportional by school, while UFEPT and UCAP representation is proportional by college.

The school-based curriculum and assessment committees (SCACs) provide an opportunity to focus the new University Curriculum and Assessment Policies Committee (UCAP)  squarely on University-wide, that is cross-school and cross-college, curricular and assessment issues. In addition, given the natural connection between curriculum and assessment, the assessment functions are included in UCAP and the SCACs to ensure that these activities proceed in concert and are informed by each other.