School, Curriculum and Assessment Committee (SCAC)



School, Curriculum and Assessment Committee (SCAC)

School, Curriculum and Assessment Committees (SCACs) are charged with approving, recommending revision or rejecting new or substantially revised courses, programs and majors within the School through application of UCAP standards, policies and procedures. In addition, each SCAC is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and making recommendations relative to the assessment activities of departments, programs and the School. Full description of SCAC from the Bylaws


  • Each School (SHAS, HSSH, SBPS and SSW) will constitute a School Curriculum and Assessment Committee (SCAC).
  • Each SCAC will include a UCAP liaison.
  • Each SCAC must include at least one representative from any Colleges represented within the School.
  • Each SCAC must include at least one student.
  • With the exception of the above parameters, the size, representation and process for election or appointment to each SCAC will be determined by the faculty within each school.
  • Each SCAC will inform UFaC of their process for election or appointment.

The SCAC Subcommittees

Henrietta Schmoll School of Health (HSSH) SCAC

School of Business and Professional Studies (SBPS) SCAC

School of Humanities, Arts and Sciences (SHAS) SCAC

School of Social Work (SSW) SCAC