Panopto Lecture Capture

Panopto Lecture Capture

Panopto is the lecture capture system currently supported at SCU. This versatile system allows recording of any combination of:

  • Video (can have more than one video source in special circumstances)
  • Voice
  • Desktop screen (e.g., web tours; software demos)

In addition, existing video files, or files saved out of the older Podcast Producer system can be uploaded.

Instructors  are given a "work" folder to hold practice recordings and materials you  are still working on. As an instructor, you have control over the  recordings you make and are able to move them in and out of your work  folder and all of your course folders. Students are also able to create  recordings on MAC or PC with the easy to install Panopto recorder.  Instructors are also able to create sub-folders within any course folder  they control to accomodate:

  • Recordings that all class members should view.
  • Small group work where only members of a small group should view the recordings.
  • Assignment recordings to be submitted by students, where students should view only their own submission.

Room Recording

A very limited number of rooms currently have recording equipment on campus, but that number will be increased each year.

  • St. Paul: Jeanne d'Arc: Audio + Slides or Screen Capture
  • Mpls: Education 6th fl. Auditorium: Audio + Slides or Screen Capture

Laptop Recording

The Panopto recorder can be downloaded to allow recording from your office or home via the built-in webcam in your laptop, or the use of an external webcam. **It's essential that you work with an Academic Technology Team member to install the recorder along with the necessary settings for successful recording.

Get Panopto Training

Call or email Joe Lipari (x6006)( or Janet Winsand (x7710) ( to set up a training session and begin using this exciting tool!