Respondus LockDown Browser

Respondus LockDown Browser

Use the Respondus LockDown browser to provide extra security with online tests. The lock down browser prevents right-clicking, copying, pasting, screen shots, going to another website or file and protects your test questions. Students install a small web browser file on their home computer and access exams or quizzes through this browser. To create quizzes for the lock down browser, you need Respondus 4 Campus test creation software or you can create quizzes in D2L and simply choose to "require the LockDown Browser" for students to take the quiz.


Click the link below to install the LockDown Browser on your computer. Install the LockDown Browser


When creating a quiz in D2L, if you check the box to use the LockDown Browser, a link will automatically be created instructing students to install the browser before taking the quiz.

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