HLC Steering Committee



HLC Steering Committee

Andrea J. Lee, IHM, President
Colleen Hegranes, Senior Vice President

Alan Silva, Assistant Vice President and Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences and College for Women
Steering Committee Chair

Jennie Robinson Kloos, Director, Institutional Research, Planning, and Assessment
Operations Coordinator

Lynda Szymanski, Associate Dean, School of Humanities, Arts, and Sciences, and Associate Professor of Psychology
Self-Study Writer
Brian Fogarty, Professor of Sociology, Department of Sociology Chair
Self-Study Writer

Barbara Gritzmacher, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Suzanne Gural, Administrative Assistant, Academic Affairs
Administrative Support

Tone Blechart (retired), Associate Dean, Henrietta Schmoll School of Health; Executive Director, College for Applied and Continuing Learning
Paul Buttenhoff, Program Director and Assistant Professor of Liberal Arts and SciencesBrian Fogarty, Professor of Sociology
Curt Galloway, Dean of Student Affairs
Tracey Gran, Controller
Deborah Grealy, Associate Dean and Program Director, Master of Library and Information Sciences
Carol Johnson (retired), Director of Libraries
Julie Michener, Media and Public Relations Manager
Sr. Amata Miller, IHM, Professor of Economics and Archbishop Harry J. Flynn Distinguished Professor in Catholic Identity
Debra Sellheim, Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program