Create an Article

Create an Article

The Public Article page type should be used for content that does not fit into the core navigation of a site, such as announcements or articles. 

The Private Article page type is the same as a public article, except that it is private and only visible to users who are logged in.

Create a new article

From the Site Dashboard, click on "Public Article" or "Private Article" under "Create New Content."



Give the page a title.

URL alias

In "URL alias" put the URL you would like to have for this page. Note that if there are spaces, use a dash (-) in between them (i.e. about-center).





If there is an image accompanying your article/announcement, you can upload it here. You may also upload it in the Body. See the Images page for how to upload images in the body. 


Publishing options

Once finished, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the publishing options tab and either keep as draft if it is not ready or switch to "Needs Review" to send it to the web team to publish.