Documentation (aka Books)

Documentation (aka Books)

To add a new page (or book) to your documentation, navigate to the location in the book that you would like to add a page. 

Add New Child Page

Scroll down to the bottom of the page then select "Add Child Page."



Create a title for the page. This title will be both the header for the page as well as the title listed in the index.



Add the body copy for the page. Images may be added here as well. (Image tutorial)


Text Format

Leave as is.

Groups Audience

Leave as is.

Book Outline

  • Book: Choose which book you want your page to appear in. (Select Create New Book if you are creating a new book.)


  • Parent Item: Choose which page in the chosen book you want your page to be listed under. The dashes in the list show how deep they are in the hierarchy. You can have a maximum of 9 "child" pages. 


  • Weight: You may choose the order which your page will appear on the parent page. Stay consistent with the ordering strategy of the other pages in the book. 


URL Path Settings

Make sure that "Generate automatic URL alias" is checked. 


Other Settings

Other settings can remain as they are. 


And of course, save your work.