Necessary Systems/Tools

Necessary Systems/Tools

The Help Desk has a number of help guides and resources for the many tools and technology available at St. Kate’s. A complete computer checklist is also available. Tools and systems of specific interest to students in online or hybrid courses include:

Personal Computer

Having access to a personal computer is very helpful. This allows you to download necessary programs or systems when needed and provides reliable and consistent access. Learn more »

Learning Management System

Desire2Learn, or D2L, is our learning management system. All of your course materials – such as a syllabus, course documents, readings, lectures – will be housed here. In addition, interactions such as discussion boards and quizzes are found here. View additional information and help guides »

Synchronous Collaboration Tool

On occasion you might meet synchronously, or at the same time, as a class. When that happens, Collaborate is St. Kate’s tool of choice. View additional information and help guides »


St. Kate’s uses Google Apps for Education for our email. Email accounts are the sole means of communicating with students; check your account often. View additional information and help guides »

Lecture Capture

Panopto is the lecture capture system on campus. Faculty teaching online and hybrid courses frequently use Panopto to record videos or create screen captures. View additional information and help guides »