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The Assistantships Mentoring Program is a scholarly community in which students are paid to work one on one with a faculty or staff mentor as a Teaching Assistant, Research Collaborator, or Program Development Collaborator.  

AMP assistants apply their education, work one to one with staff and faculty mentors, and lead and influence our campus today while building the skills necessary to guide our world tomorrow.

Lead and Influence

Unlike most assistantship models, AMP assistants and mentors design the assistant's position by applying to the program together. From conceptualization through implementation, AMP pairs identify ways to expand students' interests, skills and knowledge in ways that support their personal, scholastic, and professional development and goals.

By encouraging students to actively participate in a project's application process, its ongoing development, and its overall vision, AMP challenges students to think critically, analytically, and creatively about paradigms of thought, research questions, program structures, workplace interactions, and teaching strategies.

Scholarship and Excellence

Scholarship, quality education, and student success require integration of academic learning with the opportunity to contribute actively in educational leadership positions. AMP is uniquely designed to consider students' differing backgrounds, learning styles, and pathways through and beyond college creating a diverse, collaborative learning community committed to excellence.

Meaningful Mentorship

Developing as a scholar, leader, and professional requires guidance from an advocate who challenges, guides, and supports both academic and career goals.  According to AAC&U, "A liberal education helps you achieve broad knowledge and a set of skills and capacities that you need for  all kinds of careers, and for the rest of your life as well. Employers and educators call these “The Essential Learning Outcomes.”

AMP collaborations prepare students for twenty-first century challenges by providing them the opportunity to put their liberal education into practice.  Mentors guide students to apply knowledge, skills, and civic responsibility to new settings and complex problems (AAC&U Essential Learning Outcomes).  

AMP is a collaboration between Academic Affairs (The Abigail Q. McCarthy Center for Women) and Student Affairs (Student Center and Activities).

The program was highlighted in the University's SCAN (St. Catherine Alumnae News) magazine. Read the article »

Contact Information

  • St. Paul Campus
    Coeur de Catherine | Room 210 | 2004 Randolph Avenue
    St. Paul, MN 55105
    | Mailbox# 4231