MBA AMP Assistant Attends Global Matters Conference



MBA AMP Assistant Attends Global Matters Conference

Cheri Keepers, St. Catherine MBA student and Assistantship Mentoring Program (AMP) participant, attended the November 17th, 2014 Global Matters Conference at the Carlson School of Management. This third installment of Global Matters featured Economist Dr. Pankaj Ghemawat.

Dr. Ghemawat presented his research on Global Connectedness and facilitated a dynamic conversation among participants about common misconceptions around levels of global connectedness.  Ghemawat argued that over-exaggerations of global connectedness are informing business decisions, often with skewed data.   In fact, internet access, social media, and cellular coverage does not equate to stronger global connectedness.

Cheri is grateful for the unique collaboration between the AMP program and the MBA program, and the professional growth opportunity of attending the Global Matters Conference.  She believes connecting classroom learning to real world events is very important.  She appreciated participating in a learning opportunity that directly supports the strong mission espoused by St. Catherine’s University, the School of Business and Professional Studies, as well as the MBA Program. 

If you are interested in Dr. Ghemawat and his research on Global Connectedness, he has aninteractive website.

Dr. Ghemawat has also given a TED Talk on the subject entitled Actually, the World Isn't Flat.