Alex Kennedy



Alex Kennedy


alexkennedy01.jpgBefore joining the AMP program, Alex had worked in the Marketing and Communications department on the web team as a student worker. Last semester, Alex and her mentor, Derik Casper, were accepted into the AMP program. With AMP, Alex was able to step out of the traditional student role, and has worked collaboratively with faculty/staff across campus to connect her love of science with her love of technology.

Alex’s AMP experience began with creating content and media on the university’s website that helped to show current St. Kate’s community members, alumnae and prospective families some of the exciting opportunities and happenings in different departments.

Since she comes from an area of the country where St. Kate’s isn't well-known, spreading the word about the university and all the amazing things we do, strive for, and accomplish is important to her. AMP has really helped her succeed at this.

She started off creating, editing, transferring, and reorganizing content from the old St. Kate’s website system to the new content management system. She also helped faculty and staff learn the new system. More recently, she built a BioBlog that acts as an extension of what will be the academic biology site, focusing on exciting research/internships/experiences that biology students have had.

For AMP this semester, Alex hopes to expand her video editing and processing skills, creating short movie clips as well as time lapses of exciting events and projects happening around campus.