How to Apply



How to Apply

Criteria and Considerations

View criteria and considerations for student assistants in Baccalaureate programs, Associate and Graduate programs.


There are three primary AMP positions including:


Assistantship positions are awarded for summer-fall, semester-long, J-term, and academic-year projects. 

Each AMP application is seriously considered by a Review Committee. Final decisions are made through an intensive, interactive and collaborative process. The committee looks for one-to-one, student-mentor collaborations that will provide hands on experiences to strengthen students’ academic and professional careers, apply their liberal arts education within a working environment, and widen their perspectives and possibilities.

Accepted applications are thorough and well-written by both the mentor and the assistant with clearly laid out roles and responsibilities, a well established timeline, and a clear explanation of the vision for the collaboration. Funding is given to projects with clearly established tasks, roles, goals and outcomes that are ready for implementation. 

Students whose positions are complete can re-apply for any type of assistantship. However, no student assistant can earn more than $3780 in an academic year.


To be considered for AMP funding, both the student and the staff or faculty member interested must submit a collaborative online application by the deadline.

Deadlines and Award Amounts 

Deadlines for application to a specific term as well as the corresponding maximum award amounts are available.