For Assistants



For Assistants

As a member of AMP, you are a part of a scholarly community of students, staff, and faculty who are committed to working together to use and expand your talents and learning outside of traditional classroom settings.


The Payment Process

There are two things the AMP Assistant must do by every other Monday in order to be paid the following Friday:

  1. Complete and submit a mentor-approved activity log (either with electronic approval or hand-signed)
  2. Fill out and submit electronic timecard on KateWay

Activity Log Guidelines

All AMP students must fill out Activity Logs detailing duties performed while working with their mentor. You must turn in your activity log with every timecard. Activity Logs have to be approved and signed by your mentor, match your online timecard submission and be turned in on time. Visit the calendar webpage »

To submit an electronic Activity Log, simply fill out the electronic form, email it to your mentor and request that your mentor email the coordinator with the activity log attached and his or her expressed approval.

Examples of activities that could be recorded on the Activity Log:

  • Attended Class
  • Drafted research notes
  • Graded Quiz
  • Had meeting with Mentor
  • Meeting with Student
  • Attended AMP Meeting

Filling out an Online Timecard

Your timecard is online in Kateway. When filling out your timecard, you should count any hours in which you are concentrating efforts towards your assistantship. This includes editing, researching, grading, as well as participating in engaged thinking, classes and meetings. These hours will be approved by your mentor and reviewed by the AMP Coordinator.

To fill out your timecard:

  1. Log In to Kateway using your St. Catherine Username and Primary Password — Example: Username: jdoe; Password: ********
  2. Select the “My Job” tab (upper left hand corner)
  3. Inside the “Time Reporting” box, Select “Student Payroll Due”
  4. Select the “Regular Pay” field. This will take you to the data input page. Log hours onto timecard on the appropriate days.
  5. Enter shift times in 15 minute intervals — Example: Time In: 12:15; Time Out: 01:30
  6. Select Save to display Total Hours
  7. Select “Save” to ensure that your time is properly logged.

Receiving Payment

Paychecks and Direct Deposit Statements can be picked up the Friday following time card submission at the Information Desk on the second floor of the Coeur de Catherine.

You must present your St. Kate’s I.D. to receive your check. All checks not retrieved at the Information Desk by 4:00 p.m. can henceforth be picked up at Student Accounts, located in Derham Hall 229A.

Required Meetings

You are required to attend five meetings: An Introductory Meeting, three Assistant Meetings, and the Final Symposium. Even if you are returning to AMP, you are required to attend these meetings. View the calendar for meeting dates »

Books for TAs

If you are a Teaching Assistant, but no longer have the course books for the class you do not need to buy them again. Please have your mentor contact the publisher to see if it will send a complimentary teaching copy. If not, AMP will buy the course books for your use during your employment. However, you must bring the books back at the end of  the semester. If you are a TRW TA, see  the Core Curriculum Assistant, Jacquelyn Schroeder, for a packet of all books.

Adding AMP Calendar to Personal Calendar

Step 1. Visit the calendar webpage »

Step ​2. Click on the "+google calendar" in the bottom right corner of the page.


AMP is here to support you and to make sure you get as much out of this experience as you are willing to put into it. Please feel free to contact us if you are having any issues, including trouble meeting with and/or communicating with your mentor.

Also, you are awarded a set amount of hours for your project. If you are worried that you are getting close to the end of your hours, send an e-mail to to request the exact amount you have remaining.

In the Future

If you would like to remain in the AMP program, you and your mentor can reapply together, or you may find a new mentor, a new project, and/or a new position.