Applications for AMP positions are evaluated twice a year.

Applying for an Assistantship

AMP has supported a wide variety of assistantships from over fifty different departments. Accepted pairs submit applications whose proposals create opportunity for meaningful collaboration, leadership, and influence, match student learning goals with appropriate roles and responsibilities, and clearly outline methodologies for communication and implementation.

Selection Criteria for Student Assistants In Baccalaureate Programs

  • Junior or Senior status preferred
  • Overall GPA of 3.2 preferred
  • Demonstrated proficiency with the general knowledge appropriate to the discipline (Teaching Assistants must have successfully completed the course (or equivalent) for which s/he will be the TA)
  • Submission of a high quality application completed by both the mentor and the assistant
  • Ability to work approximately 10-13 hours per week (semester) or 20 hours per week (J-term and summer)
  • Enrolled at least half time at St. Catherine University

Selection Criteria for Student Assistants in Associate, EWO, and Graduate Programs

  • A commitment to and growth in the educational process
  • A unique background, skill set or history which will enhance contribution to this work
  • A commitment to fostering understanding among people of different backgrounds and identities
  • A commitment to positively contribute to your graduating class, campus, community or future profession
  • Demonstrated proficiency with the general knowledge appropriate to the discipline;
  • Ability to work approximately 10-13 hours per week
  • Enrolled at least half time at  St. Catherine University.

Qualities of an AMP Mentor

  • Employed by Saint Catherine University (can be faculty or staff, full time, part time or adjunct)
  • Committed to providing a meaningful learning experience for student assistant
  • Able to commit sufficient time to student assistant
  • Able to provide constructive feedback to student assistant
  • Possesses previous experience mentoring students
  • Actively participates in:
    • Submitting a high quality application completed thoroughly and thoughtfully
    • An assistant-mentor orientation session
    • A mid-semester evaluation and review for assistants
    • A final symposium
    • A program evaluation

Inclusive Excellence

In accordance with AAC&U's Board Statement on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusive Excellence, AMP holds that "We need to define student success not exclusively as degree attainment, but also as the achievement of the primary goals of liberal education: broad and in-depth knowledge, the capacity to integrate and apply learning to new situations, and intellectual creativity and resilience to face challenges."

Therefore, if a student does not meet all of AMP's selection criteria, but you feel she or he is ready and will benefit from the opportunity, we encourage you to apply.  Each selection criteria was carefully created to help ensure a successful experience for both the student and the mentor. If the student does not meet the selection criteria, address this in the application.  Include why this student should be considered at this time and what actions are being taken to create a successful AMP experience.