For Mentors



For Mentors

AMP mentors are a part of a student centered scholarly community committed to working together as staff and faculty to expand a wide range of students’ learning experiences while providing guidance, advice, and challenging, well-paid assistantships.

Creating a Team

Collaborations that work best are those that organically evolve through an already-established relationship between you and your potential assistant. AMP assistantships can be Teaching Assistants,Research Collaborators, or Program Development Collaborators.

Staff/Faculty interested in mentoring might consider the following:

  • What areas of your work/scholarship could benefit from a student's voice?
  • Is there a student whose life-experiences, age, and/or background could bring a different paradigm or perspective to your work?
  • What expertise and/or community connections could you pass on to an aspiring leader?

Assistant Work Hours and Pay

In general, a student who works approximately ten to thirteen hours a week will fulfill the AMP award and maintain time for studies.

Students in AMP are paid through funding pooled from Academic Affairs and Student Affairs. Students are responsible for tracking their hours on Activity Logs and submitting this log on time with your approveal to Assistants also submit an online timecard. If the approved Activity Log and online timecard report the same number of hours worked, the Coordinator approves the hours and the student is issued a check.

Each assistant is paid $10.50 an hour. In both the Fall and Spring Semester, assistants can work 180 hours (earning up to $1,890) per semester of employment. Summer/Fall employees can work up to 280 hours and J-Term employees up to 80 hours. If an assistant works fewer than the awarded hours during one of the semesters, she or he will not earn those dollars. Furthermore, assistants will not be paid for any work completed over the hours awarded for the semester. Finally, no student can earn more than $3780 a year.

A Note About Student Pay

Due to the nature of the relationship and the college setting, students sometimes under-report their hours. 

Assistants should count any hours as “working hours” in which he or she is concentrating efforts towards the assistantship. This includes meetings, editing, researching, and engaged thinking. Please regularly check in with assistants to be sure all hours are being recorded. 

In Accordance with Federal Regulations, international students cannot work more than twenty hours a week total at St. Catherine University. This includes other employment at St. Kate’s outside of AMP.

View the calendar for AMP log deadlines »

Responsibilities and Commitments

This program creates opportunity for staff, faculty, and students to engage in interdisciplinary scholarly community.  Creating a collaborative scholarly community requires mentors' investment and commitment to both the assistant and the program. 

Over the course of a semester, mentors and assistants attend two meetings together: one at the beginning of the semester and one towards the end. An optional meeting is held mid-semester for all mentors to gather together to exchange ideas and offer feedback.  Please plan accordingly.

View the calendar for required meeting dates »

Mentor Compensation

Unfortunately, mentors cannot get financially compensated for participating in AMP. We currently do not have the resources for this, but we are working towards it. This has always been and remains a goal.

Books for TA's

If your TA doesn’t have the course books for the class she does not need to buy them. Please contact the publisher to see if it will send a complimentary teaching copy. If not, AMP will buy the course books for her use during her employment. However, she must bring the books back at the end of the semester. If she is a TRW TA, she should see the Core Curriculum Assistant, Jacquelyn J. Schroeder, for a packet of all books.

Adding AMP Calendar to Personal Calendar

Step 1. Visit the calendar webpage »

Step ​2. Click on the "+google calendar" in the bottom right corner of the page.


If you are having trouble meeting and communicating with your assistant or are having any additional problems, the AMP Coordinator, Lorissa Gottschalk will help you. The AMP Coordinator is here to support you and to make sure this experience is rewarding and successful for both you and your assistant.  Contact  Lorissa Gottschalk with questions or concerns.