Sample Project Titles



Sample Project Titles

Fall 2013 AMP Participants

Teaching Assistants

Student: Amy Peterson
Mentor: Kristine West
Class: ECON 2200 Revamp

Student: Andrea Farah
Mentor: Mary Carlson
Class: TRW

Student: Ann Dougherty
Mentor: Debra Filer
Class: NURS 3600

Student: Ashley de los Reyes
Mentor: Rhodora Beaton
Class: Theological Questions

Student: Christina Nusse
Mentor: Jimmy Beldon
Class: Deaf Culture

Student: Cody Flaherty
Mentor: Susan Hawthorne
Class: Socially-Engaged Philosophy

Student: Elizabeth Mireault
Mentor: Debra Sheats
Class: Honors TRW

Student: Emily Trevor
Mentor: Trudy Landgren
Class: Textiles and Apparel

Student: Heather Kolnick
Mentor: Cecilia Konchar Farr
Class: GSJ NYC

Student: Jennifer Rocha
Mentor: Maria Tzintzarova
Class: Model UN

Student: Kanong Lee
Mentor: Donna Hauer
Class: TRW

Student: Margaret Tehven
Mentor: Debra Filer
Class: NURS 3600

Student: Nancy Mack
Mentor: Stacy Symons
Class: Making the WI Transition

Student: Nicollette Mosbeck
Mentor: Laurie Swabey
Class: INTP 3050

Student: Rachel Thompson
Mentor: Jennifer McDougal
Class: TRW

Student: Sarah Ennen
Mentor: Susan Bosher
Class: ESL Teaching

Student: Susan Thaxton
Mentor: Patricia Montalbano
Class: TRW

Resear​ch Collaborators

Student: Alesia Thompson
Mentor: Mary Hearst
Project: IPE Case Study Research

Student: Ardo Jimale
Mentor: Hui Wilcox
Project: Life at Extraordinary Times: Muslim American Women's Experiences after 9/11

Student: Bernadette Dodge
Mentor: Deborah Organ
Project: Difficult Conversations

Student: Brianna Byram
Mentor: Rafael Cervantes
Project: Women's Voices

Student: Christine Kraft
Mentor: Faye Larson
Project: Sustainability and CSR

Student: Courtney Holmes
Mentor: Catherine Sullivan
Project: Kairos Dance Project

Student: Jennifer Rowe
Mentor: James Wollack
Project: Synthesis of a Photoactivable Substrate for Protein Farnesyltransferase

Student: Kelly Daugherty
Mentor: Teri Burgess-Champoux
Project: Focus Group Research

Student: Kristina Poss
Mentor: Kim Ha
Project: Elucidating the Impact of Dephosphorylation on Lethal Mutants of Phospholamban

Student: Mai Moua
Mentor: Catherine Sullivan
Project: Kairos Dance Project

Student: Nora Smyth
Mentor: Sarah Ferguson
Project: DV Organizations

Student: Shakirah Tumusiime
Mentor: Kathleen Rickert
Project: Library Research

Student: Therese Wengler
Mentor: Catherine Sullivan
Project: Kairos Dance Project

Project Development Collaborators

Student: Alexandra Kennedy
Mentor: Nanette Echols
Project: CMS Implementation and Migration

Student: Alicia Moder
Mentor: Richa Dhanju
Project: Curriculum Development

Student: Isabella Muhia
Mentor: Susan Bosher
Project: ESL for Nursing

Student: Kelsey Will
Mentor: Meghan Flores
Project: Scholarship Database

Student: Kristal Jameson
Mentor: Lorissa Gottschalk
Project: AMP

Student: Meghan Kotz
Mentor: Joshua Haringa
Project: St. Kate's Videos

Student: Melissa Hebrank
Mentor: D'Ann Lesch
Project: CWL Service-Learning Lead

Student: Tran Nguyen
Mentor: Anupama Pasricha
Project: Fashion Business Guide