Honors Program Student Organization



Honors Program Student Organization

HPSO Meetings: TBA

Officer Descriptions

  • President: works with director of the Honors Program and is present at HPSO meetings. Coordinates program activities.
  • Vice President: assistant to the President planning program activities and communicating between the program officers, directors, and students. The Vice President will assume the Presidency the following year.
  • Secretary/Treasurer: responsible for publicizing program events as well as monitoring funds. Works with the director on fundraising activities.
  • Class Representatives:  responsible for representing the concerns of their peers and monitoring elections for the following year.

Current Officers

  • President: Bridget Geraghty
  • Vice President: Lizzie Cleary
  • Senior Rep: Kayla Gurerro
  • Junior Rep: Maia Labrie
  • Sophomore Rep: Veronika Paprocka
  • First Year Rep

Elections are held in the Spring. Contact current representatives for more information.