This course focuses on intermediate and advanced garment construction, with emphasis on tailoring, fitting, formalwear techniques, and creating sustainable fashion. Support structures and fitting are a major component of this course. You must have basic sewing proficiency before taking this course. Prerequisites: FASH 2100 or passing a sewing proficiency exam.

APPD 3150: PATTERNMAKING I (4 credits)​

An introductory course in pattern design and development. Topics cover an introduction to flat pattern and drafting methods of pattern creation. You continue developing an understanding of and expertise in body measurement and fitting methods. Additionally, you will have an introduction to Computer Aided Design (CAD) for pattern manipulation. Prerequisites: FASH 2100, APPD 3050.


Development of illustration skills through a variety of media. Course focuses on fashion illustration, including studies in motion, fit, ease, and fabric and texture rendering. After developing hand skills, you work with varied computer media to develop professional illustrations and to integrate manual and digital works. Prerequisites: ART 2250. Prerequisites with concurrency: ART 1200.

APPD 4150: PATTERNMAKING II (4 credits)

The second patternmaking course develops skills in draping that uses fabric manipulation to create designs and develop patterns. This course also develops intermediate skills in flat pattern and drafting. Additional CAD skills are emphasized. You will learn advanced fitting. You will also create adaptive apparel in a client-driven experience. Class promotes innovation and creativity in thinking. Prerequisites: APPD 3150.

APPD 4604: INTERNSHIP (4 credits)

Structured out-of-class learning experience that takes place on or off campus and includes a substantial work component. An internship involves you in a particular profession in an exploratory way to test career interests and potential. To initiate an internship experience, you meet with the internship coordinator in the Career Development Office. Prerequisites: Faculty sponsorship and approval by department chair.


This course provides an opportunity for you to develop an integrated apparel design focus. It includes creative thinking and the development of an individualized style to be expressed in the creation of a senior apparel line and portfolio designs. These apparel lines are publicly exhibited at the end-of-year style show. You also explore methods for portfolio display including traditional and electronic venues. Prerequisites: APPD 3050, 3150, 4050, 4150.

APPD 4952 or 4954: INDEPENDENT STUDY (2 or 4 credits)

Prerequisites: Permission of the faculty and department chair.

APPD 4992 or 4994: TOPICS (2 or 4 credits)

The subject matter of the course is announced in the annual schedule of classes. Content varies from year to year but does not duplicate existing courses.