Transfer Credits to St. Kate's



Transfer Credits to St. Kate's

St. Catherine University will work with you to transfer in credits you’ve already earned at another college or university. These credits may satisfy requirements for Liberal Arts and Sciences (LAS or “generals”) courses required for your St. Kate’s associate degree.

Take your “generals” at St. Catherine

We encourage you to take your LAS courses at St. Kate’s rather than another college. Students who have taken LAS courses at St. Kate’s as pre-professional or pre-nursing students are given first priority when it comes time to allocate limited spots in courses for nursing, physical therapist assistant, sonography and other majors. Taking your “generals” at St. Kate’s is the best way to assure a spot will be available for you in these highly popular programs.

If you are thinking about taking additional LAS courses at another college and then transferring them to St. Kate’s, contact the associate admission office first. Our counselors can advise you on whether or not courses will satisfy St. Kate’s requirements.

The transfer process

Here is a step-by-step outline of the process of transferring to one of our associate programs.


To begin the process of transferring into a program in the College for Applied and Continuing Learning, complete the steps outlined on our How to Apply page. We need the same basic information from transfer students that we do from other applicants. From there, we can make an admission decision and continue the process.

Credit evaluation

After we receive your transcripts from previously attended institutions, we will complete an evaluation to determine past course work for which you will receive credit at St. Kate’s. Credit will be given only for college-level courses in which you received a grade of C- or better.

Course equivalency

Because of the specialized nature of our programs, it’s rare for transfer credits to apply toward professional courses in your program or courses that are unique to St. Catherine University curriculum. More than likely, transfer credits will fulfill some or all of the liberal arts and sciences core requirements.

Program-required liberal arts and science classes, such as general psychology and anatomy and physiology, must have been taken within the past five years. There is no time limit for other liberal arts and science classes, such as literature or art.

Take a look at our course equivalency tool to get an idea of which courses will fulfill liberal arts and sciences requirements at St. Kate’s.

Financial aid

Financial aid is available for transfer students as long as you take at least six credits each term (most programs require you take this many credits each term anyway). Like other new students, you will need to apply for financial aid once you’ve been accepted.