Degree Plan +



Degree Plan +

As a St. Kate’s radiography student, you’ll learn about anatomy and physiology and human disease along with radiographic sciences. Through rigorous classroom instruction and hands-on clinical experiences, you’ll gain a thorough understanding of radiographic procedures and patient care.

Our focus on liberal arts education means you’ll also learn the communication and critical-thinking skills you need to work effectively in healthcare teams, preparing you to become a leader in the field.

Graduate ready to specialize

After graduating and passing the national certification exam offered by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, you’ll be prepared to work as a fully qualified radiography professional. Then you may then choose to specialize in Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resource Imaging (MRI), vascular procedures, interventional radiography and more.

You will also have an excellent foundation to continue your education in specialties like radiation therapy and nuclear medicine.

Required courses

RAD 1010: Introduction to Radiography
RAD 1020: Introduction to Patient Care
RAD 1110: Radiographic Procedures I
RAD 1120: Radiographic Procedures II
RAD 1130: Radiographic Procedures III
RAD 1210: Exposure I
RAD 1220: Exposure II
RAD 1310: Clinical Radiography I
RAD 1320: Clinical Radiography II
RAD 2010: Radiation Physics
RAD 2020: Radiation Protection/Biology
RAD 2130: Topics I
RAD 2140: Topics II
RAD 2150: Topics III
RAD 2330: Clinical Radiography III
RAD 2340: Clinical Radiography IV
RAD 2350: Clinical Radiography V

Supporting courses

BIOL 2400: General Anatomy & Physiology
BIOL 2420: Human Disease
HIMP 1020: Medical Terminology
PHIL 2000: Ethical Problems in Healthcare
PSYC 1000: General Psychology
SSCS 1000: Power and Social Change

Liberal arts and sciences requirements

CIL 1400: Health Justice OR CIL 1500: Transcultural Learning Through Community Connections
ENGL 1100: Composition I
ENGL: Literature elective
Art elective
Math elective
Social sciences elective
Theology elective
One additional liberal arts and sciences credit

Credits for radiography courses taken at other institutions will not be accepted.