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Professional selling is a great place to begin a career, especially in business. That’s where many CEOs and business executives get their start. St. Kate’s business-to-business sales major teaches you how to influence decision-making between businesses or international companies and how to successfully manage professional relationships.

Our model for sales education emphasizes lifelong learning rather than short-term acquisition of skills. We prepare you for sales careers and more. You’ll learn how to communicate clearly, reason rigorously and act ethically — skills that keep you ahead in this competitive profession and transfer easily from one industry to another.

Innovative curriculum

St. Kate’s offers the only business-to-business sales degree in Minnesota — and the only one in the United States designed specifically for women. Our four-year program was developed with extensive input from sales professionals and leaders at top Fortune 500 companies, including 3M and General Mills. This means you are well prepared for real-life situations when you graduate.

Classroom to career

Business and writing-intensive courses are required, in addition to coursework in professional selling such as "Ethics and Integrity in Sales" and "Customer Intelligence and Business Analytics." You’ll also develop strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills through classes in the liberal arts, including psychology, math and philosophy.

We build on your skills in social media and search engines because many companies are looking for innovative and web savvy sales people who can more effectively reach prospects and communicate with customers. Our curriculum includes sales-tracking software and the customer relationship management system.

Nationally recognized program

The Sales Education Foundation named St. Kate’s among the Top Universities for Professional Sales Education in 2011 — the only one in Minnesota to make the cut. The foundation recognized our sales-specific courses and sales internships. It also praised St. Kate’s Center for Sales Innovation for conducting original research, offering continuing education programs focused on the complexity of sales and providing leadership development programs to advance women sales leaders.

Global and responsible

We want future sales professionals to be ethical and globally aware. That’s why we integrate ethics into every business course — a commitment that has made St. Kate's a model for universities nationwide. Our “Sales for Social Impact” course challenges you to develop a sustainable sales plan for a specific international product.

Sales competitions

Our students are regularly invited to participate in sales competitions across the United States, including the National Sales Challenge, National Collegiate Sales Competition and the Great Northwoods Sales Warm-Up. They also get coaching tips for these competitions or career advice from business professionals who are guest speakers in the classroom.

Faculty and portfolio advantage

St. Kate's is the only college or university in the United States with two sales majors: business-to-business and healthcare sales. Faculty with knowledge and experience in both fields ensure that you get a strong foundation in professional selling, the workings of the corporate world and business communication.